A New Community

May 25th, 2016

New podcast and announcement about a speaking date coming tomorrow on the new community I will start in the next few weeks! Love for you to join me! It will be.......

for those of us that the Jesus world view we have been handed over the past 50 years no longer works.......but we are still find Jesus more compelling than ever! It will be a place of openness, acceptance, caring and compassion for people of all races, sexuality, and beliefs. It will be a place that encourages us to join the dance, the flow, of the benevolent universe that showed itself in the face of Jesus and is in the process of healing everything. A community that calls us to expose all the dark parts of our inner self to the light of Jesus and do our own internal work. Then we can change the world around us, not by asking for people to believe as we do so we know who is in and who is out, but to join us in the dance Jesus talked about when he said "I am the way, the truth and the life." There is a dance and this is what it looks like. This was the transformative message of Jesus. Who would be interested in joining me in that dance?

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